Dies and Moulds Manufacturing

We offer complete design and fabrication of precision tools, dies and fixtures for all Industries, including Automotive, consumer product, Aerospace and defense.

We export plastic injection moulds worldwide, built ready to mount and run. To date We have exported plastic injection moulds to the following countries successfully: United States | Africa .

Through sound engineering and innovative design, our team of multidisciplinary designers and engineers are able to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

We have an extensive experience in manufacturing dies for Investment casting (Lost Wax) components. We have already developed a large variety of parts covering a wide spectrum of Industries like Automobiles, Aeronautical, Medical, Pumps, Food Processing, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, etc.

WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN VARIOUS TYPE OF IMPELLOR | Complex Engineering Part's for low volume Production | Multi Cavity Precision Moulds For Big Volume Production. | Moulds For Highly Intricate Parts | Moulds for Highly Contoured Parts. | Moulds for Impellors, Propellers and Twisted Blade Rotors of any Configuration. This is one of our areas of Specialization.

We have an expertise in manufacturing dies for gravity die casting and pressure die casting dies. We have already developed a large variety of parts covering a wide spectrum of industries like Automobiles, Electrical & Switchgear Industries, Home Appliances Industries, Fan Industries, etc. So far we have developed varies components sized from 500 gms to 5 kgs. Or 400sq.cm.